Affiliate Program
Make a ton of cash by telling people about us

Our affiliate program allows you to generate income from your crafting hobbies. When you post any of your creations which use our products on your website or blog, you can provide your own unique URL to our site for the products used in your art. This will automatically allow viewers on your website or blog to jump to our website to purchase items they might be interested in acquiring.  Your unique URL will track all sales generated from your link for up to 30 days. So even if something is placed in a cart and then purchased 25 days later along anything else they purchase that day, you get paid. We have created a commission schedule that increases with the volume of sales you drive to our website.  Obviously the more people that purchase from us, the more you would be paid but additionally the percentage of your payment will also rise as your total sales rise. The more you enjoy our products and tell others about them, the more we will compensate you. Our commission schedule begins at 3% of each sale, checks will be mailed to you at the end of each month if you reach $50, if you do not it will carry over into the next month and so on. Additional details, including compensation schedule and special programs for those with high view blogs, will be provided to those interested in working with us.  We even provide you with banner ads and text links that you can just choose, copy & paste!  Be on your way to earning from your crafting today; signup now!